Philip’s Education Partners is committed to helping schools provide every student with a strong foundation for life. We believe in building relationships based on mutual trust and respect. We support our client schools by providing effective and efficient programs and services.

EcoSpaces Education Services

EcoSpaces Education is a holistic nutrition and wellness program that cultivates healthy relationships between children, families, and food. Its curriculum is aligned with New Jersey’s Student Learning Standards and offers students an engaging hands-on experience that integrates well with existing school programs.

Our vision is for every child to have access to learning environments that connect food with education. We work toward a future where all schools and families prioritize food literacy by giving kids the tools to understand where food comes from, how it nourishes us, and how it shapes our relationships. This approach is our opportunity to change the health of our nation.

Learn more about how EcoSpaces can become a valuable component in your school’s efforts to ensure student well being and success.

School Business Management

Efficient school operations are essential to a successful education program. Philip’s Education Partners can provide (or supplement) school operations support.

We offer a range of services:
      • BookkeepingFinancial Reporting
      • Budget Preparation
      • Compliance/Reporting (Financial)
      • Cash Management – Bank Reconciliations; Money Transfers
      • Grants Management – IDEA; NCLB – Applications, Requisitioning, Reporting
      • Board Support – training, minutes, agenda, reporting
      • Payroll – preparation; transmission
      • Audits Preparation

Human Resources Services

Human resources management is an essential service that must be completed accurately and in a timely way. Philip’s Education Partners will support the mission of your school and provide guidance and solutions that promote a fair and equitable work environment.

      • Recruitment of qualified applicants into a diverse workforce
      • Employment and orientation services
      • Retirement processing
      • Pension and benefits administration
      • Payroll set up and administration
      • Employment policy development
      • Job classification, compensation and labor market research
      • Maintenance of personnel records
      • Administration of performance evaluation programs
      • Contract drafting and review
      • Certification documentation review and acquisition
      • State and federal reporting and compliance
      • Workers compensation administration

For more information about how Philip’s Education Partners can support your school’s mission, please contact Marcy Bostwick: