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Enrollment Policy and Procedure

The last day to submit an application for the 2020-2021 enrollment lottery is Wednesday, February 26th 2020. After this date, applications will still be accepted, but those students will be placed at the end of the wait list in chronological order by which their application is received. Applications received after the February 26th, 2020 cut-off date are not eligible for the enrollment lottery.

Philip’s Academy Charter School of Paterson understands the importance of establishing fair and equitable criteria for student admission and shall fully comply with the New Jersey Charter School Law regarding admission policies and procedures, as well as all other applicable state and federal provisions. Philip’s Academy Charter School is a non-sectarian institution in all respects, and does not discriminate against any student, or other person on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, or disability, or any other criteria prohibited by law.

Parents of new students interested in enrolling at Philip’s Academy Charter School will be given the opportunity to participate in an annual Enrollment Process. The date enrollment begins and ends will be determined by the school administration and posted on the school's web site. In order to successfully enroll, parents of interested students must complete and return in its entirety an accurate Enrollment application by the deadline provided by the school.

In the event the number of applicants for any given grade or section exceeds the number of enrollment slots (seats) available, the school will accept students by a random selection process. A public lottery will be held, as necessary, to determine enrollment. The date, time and location of the public lottery will be furnished by the school.

After all available enrollment slots (seats) are filled, wait lists will be created and maintained for each grade. The initial wait list will be created randomly as part of the public lottery. When a slot becomes available in a grade, the parents of the first student on the wait list will be contacted and given twenty four hours to accept the position. If the enrollment slot is declined, or if no response is received, of being notified, the enrollment slot will be forfeited and the next student on the wait list will be contacted. Once all vacant enrollment slots for each particular grade and section are filled, enrollment process will be closed.

It is the responsibility of each parent to familiarize themselves with the enrollment process, including deadlines. All deadlines are final, and no exceptions will be made.

Registration/Lottery Rules and Procedures:

1. Parents must complete a separate application form for each child seeking enrollment in the school.

If there are more students than there are available spaces in a grade group, there will be a lottery for that grade.

2. The lottery will be conducted by the school's administration. All procedures will be witnessed and verified by an independent certified public accountant.