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Home Learning Plan

Philip’s Academy Charter School of Paterson

Home Learning Plan

Note, this plan is a working document and revisions will be made as needed.

The Philip’s Academy Charter School of Paterson Home Learning Plan is designed to provide students with meaningful instruction that aligns to the vision of Philip’s Academy while schools are closed. While this format can never truly replace in-person interactions with a classroom teacher, it is our intent to maximize the multitude of resources available to our learning community to maintain educational continuity and to meet state guidelines until schools reopen.

The Home Learning Plan will address the following:

  • Instructional Delivery and Assessment
  • Staff Roles
  • Specific Teacher Expectations
  • Online/Digital Resources
  • Schedules
  • Anticipated Challenges and Solutions

Instructional Delivery

Instructional delivery considers access and equity and looks to cover all core subject areas and provide students with a minimum of four hours work of academics daily. With this, packets will be provided to students which include daily plans that guide students and families through core subject areas (reading, writing, word study, math, social studies, and science). Daily lesson plans will focus on grade level standards with an emphasis on practice and application of skills.

Our Remind App will be the primary platform for parent/student and teacher communication. Through this app, teachers will open up the school day, take attendance, provide learning videos, and be available to answer questions. Our students will utilize “Virtual Learning Bags” sent home prior to school closing. These bags will provide students with additional books, the weekly packets, and other instructional materials necessary to enhance their remote learning experience. Students in the primary grades will also utilize online resources such as Raz Kids, ReadWorks, and Zearn.

Staff Roles

Daily Check-Ins

All teachers and staff will participate in a daily check-in via a conference call.

All Teachers: 8:00 AM

Academic Leadership Team: 9:00 AM

Operations Team: 12:30 PM

Student Support Team: 1:30 PM

Classroom Teachers

Provide daily learning experiences accessible to all students; provide timely and frequent feedback; be available each day from 9:00 am – 3:00 pm to interact with students through Remind App, email, Google, etc.

Teachers will continue to populate lessons on the Remind App for their particular grade level, utilizing resources already sent home via the Virtual Learning Bags.

Teachers will complete lesson plans in their Google Lesson Plan Folder.

Expectations for Learning Activities

  • Assignments should be posted on Remind App and consistent with the daily packet. Special education teachers who do grade-level minutes will also have access.
  • Clear learning objective(s)
    • Review priority standards.
    • Provide new instruction. We will assess and potentially reteach new material when students return to school
    • Provide NJSLA practice (Students in grade 3).
  • Learning Activity
    • Can include video introductions or instruction
    • Worksheet provided in packet
    • Links to learning resources (PDFs, videos, online resources)
  • Application and Assessment
    • Practice or application of skills
    • Reflection on learning activity
    • Students can upload work (Google Docs – grade 3 only, Picture/Videos via Remind)

Studio Teachers

PE Teacher will put together 20 minutes movement plan to be completed daily by students. The plan will provide exercises and movement that can be completed inside if necessary.

Art Teacher will put together developmentally appropriate projects as option for enrichment to be completed at home.

Science / Tech teacher will work in collaboration with teachers to provide weekly science objectives and include two accompanying lessons: one literacy based and one hands-on experience with write-up/lab report.

Collaborative Teachers, Special Education Teachers, Student Support Staff, RTI/Interventionists, ESL

Support classroom teachers will create and share differentiated and scaffolded learning opportunities for students; they will be available to support students with their work through online methods; provide feedback and support to students on a daily basis. Provide grade-level activities for support and enrichment.

Special Education

Will schedule daily check-ins/sessions with regularly scheduled students via phone calls/video conferencing

Social Workers

Provide students with character education and SEL resources during the closure; be available to proactively provide support to students who might be in need; conduct check-ins with students who might need additional support during this time away from school. Social Workers will reach out to students who do not appear to be checking in via Remind.

Regional OTs, PTs, and Speech Therapists

Provide activities for students for 14 days to provide to parents. Staff can create pre-recorded videos and share with families or packets with written instructions and visual aides. Additionally, make-up sessions will be available to students upon the reopening of schools.

Nurse/ Director of Operations

School nurse and DSO will be responsible for checking the attendance each day by 12:00p.m. They will follow up with parents of ill students and communicate with local officials regarding health updates after an internal 12:30 PM Check-in.

To make attendance more reliable and easier to collect, parents will log their attendance during each day of the school closure where they completed school work. This will be done directly through the child’s classroom teacher. Student attendance will be collected and compiled via a Google Form, which will be shared internally with Philip’s Academy staff.


Administrators will remain in communication with their staff throughout the day and monitor instructional activities. They will provide support to staff and families who might need assistance and guidance; monitor all work and learning platforms to ensure the remote learning plan is being implemented appropriately; communicate with local and state officials regarding health and NJDOE updates; communicate any pertinent information to families.