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Letter from our Principal

Winter 2019

Dear Philip’s Family and Friends,

I sit on my couch beside my new baby boy reflecting on the year past and the new year ahead. I love the beginning of a new calendar year; it allows us to look back and reflect on all of our achievements and accomplishments, but also to set goals and intentions for an even better self and year ahead.

2018 was a significant year for my husband and me. We welcomed our first child into the world. Our son, Kieran Matthew, enhanced our lives and our love in so many ways and grew our family from two to three. My family, and also my work, fuel my heart and soul. In 2018, our school grew with the addition of new students, teachers, and programming: new friendships and relationships formed, new skills were learned, and we launched a reading intervention program to ensure maximum support for all of our students. Growth was everywhere for me in 2018.

Growth never ends though; it is not stagnant. I have spent the past weeks letting it all settle in: 2019. The year we will serve 300 students, teach the 3rd grade curriculum (I spent 4 years teaching third grade in Newark and can’t wait to get back into those standards), and participate in state testing. We will grow as a community simply by adding another grade; we will also set goals to ensure that the people in our building are growing stronger and smarter.

Being the principal of Philip’s Academy of Paterson encourages me to grow as a person, educator and leader so that I can best support our students and their development. Despite all of the positive moments and accomplishments we can celebrate from the past, the path ahead is one that requires hard work and further development. I believe that with hard work, an unyielding belief in the future will push us forward in 2019.

In the past seven weeks, I’ve watched my little boy grow in size and alertness. He’s starting to smile and for now at least, he’s amused by my chatter and kisses. In the next year, I look forward to watching him continue to develop and grow. As I prepare to return to work, I know the growth and development of our school is not always as visible as that of my newborn, but I know it is happening. I see it in those ah-ha moments from students and teachers, when we pack the dining hall on Family Fun Nights, and when a student’s data moves from below grade level to on grade level.

I promise you that I am committed to growth. I am committed to the people in our building. When we look back, we can smile at the successes we have celebrated since opening our school in Paterson and as we look ahead, we can prepare for an even greater future.

Here’s to 2019 and the possibilities ahead.

Regina Lauricella Mierswa