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Student Life

At Philip’s Academy, Newark, the aim is to use every part of the school day to enhance the learning experience.
Inside the classroom or out, inside the dining room or during playtime, everything is part of the learning process.

Students quickly learn that it is okay to explore their own style of learning, whether for personal and physical growth, or for the intellectual. It’s a place where teachers work with students and students work with students, where it’s not conventional measurements that are the rule but individual successes.

The process of learning math, science, and other parts of the standard curriculum is not limited to those classrooms. It spreads throughout the learning labs, and inside and outside the classroom. When students take part in one of those labs, the kitchen learning lab, for example, and they make purple potato chips, they are learning about geography, plant biology, and even chemistry. When they’re harvesting baby kale from the school’s AeroFarm mini farm, or planting and then harvesting cabbage and carrots on the rooftop garden they are learning about the environment and ecology.

Outside the classroom—during recess—students learn emotional and social skills, how to include everyone during play, how to resolve conflict, even how to be a leader. In the dining room, where students eat family-style, the lessons might be about food literacy, sustainability, and nutrition.

THE MAIN INGREDIENT IN EVERY PART OF THE PHILIP’S ACADEMY SCHOOL DAY IS FIRST, FOREMOST, AND ALWAYS LOVE.It is demonstrated in every contact and relationship between staff, teachers, and students.