Horizons Summer Program

Who We Are

Horizons Newark is an academic enrichment program that seeks to address the achievement gap for public school students from low income families. The program consists of two key components, Saturday Academy and Summer Institute. Horizons Newark program utilizes a cohort model which begins in kindergarten and goes through eighth grade. Many of the students accepted into the program are at or below grade level upon entering and research has shown an average increase of two months in academic skills, especially reading. Those students who are above grade level upon entering serve as role models and motivate their peers to achieve more. The program blends academics with arts, sports, and cultural enrichment as well as confidence-building activities, particularly swimming. The cumulative gain in skills is truly transformative, narrowing both the achievement and the life opportunity gaps that otherwise undermine success for traditionally overlooked children.

Goals and Objectives

Horizons seeks to provide an academic, cultural, and recreational program designed to encourage a diverse group of students from low-income families to realize their full potential. Working in partnership with families, Horizons serves students of varying academic abilities throughout their childhood and adolescence. Horizons is committed to the development of the whole child through experiences that build problem-solving skills, foster awareness of community responsibility, instill respect for oneself and others, and encourage a life-long interest in learning.

Goals of the Horizon program:

  • Prevent decline in students’ school performance
  • Improve students’ school attendance
  • Improve students’ social and interpersonal skills
  • Raise students’ educational expectations and aspirations
  • Encourage parents to become involved in their child’s education and activities
  • Build self-esteem, resourcefulness, and sound judgment

Horizons National

The Horizons model has a longstanding record of success — the original program began almost 50 years ago in New Canaan and still flourishes there. Fifteen years ago, Horizons National was established to replicate the Horizons model in other communities. Like the original model, programs are hosted by independent schools and universities and serve only public-school students. Horizons is a true private-public sector partnership. All students attend the Horizons program free of charge and all funding is privately raised.

Horizons National Website