Our History

Philip’s story began when one person decided that all children should have a chance at a good education.

In the 1980’s a Philanthropist offered two full scholarships for Newark students to attend St. Paul’s school in Concord, New Hampshire. The scholarships were unclaimed, because it was difficult to find students who met the rigorous criteria. Determined not to let such an educational opportunity pass Newark children again, Dean Dillard Robinson and members of his congregation at Trinity & St. Philip’s Episcopal Cathedral founded St. Philip’s Academy. They sought to establish a singular institution that would provide students with the academic skills necessary to thrive at the best secondary schools across the nation, thereby preparing them for a lifetime of personal achievement. Thus began the foundation of the Philip’s education.

In 1988, with just 10 first graders, in a little red school house donated by the cathedral in the heart of downtown Newark, St. Philip’s Academy was launched.Since then, Philip’s has been on a trajectory of steady progress and growth for the past 3 decades.

By 1996, Philip’s expanded to 140 students and relocated to a former insurance building. By 2007, Philips enrollment grew to more than 320 students and in 2008, we moved to 342 Central Avenue to accommodate further growth.

By 2013, Philip’s became the first private school to convert to a charter school in the history of New Jersey. In 2016, Philip’s Academy Charter School of Paterson was launched. In 2017, Philip’s Academy of Newark started enrolling PreK students. Today, the Philip’s schools, are on target to serve over 1500 students.

We have graduated 664 students with 95% enrolling in four- year colleges.Through the consistent and generous support of our funders, grants and donations, our graduates have leveraged over 50 million dollars of financial contributions for secondary and undergraduate education.

Philip’s Education has extended beyond the walls of our schools and into our communities, enriching the lives of students throughout New Jersey.Through our EcoSPACES Education, Conference, Adult Education, Parent Workshops, Mobile Food Lab, and Summer Programs, we have impacted over 10,000 students and adults.