Facts & Stats

By the Numbers

What Sets Us Above and Beyond

28 Years in Operation
Philip's Academy has been operating and educating students in Newark for 25 years

96% Teacher Retention
In the past year, 96% of our teachers have stayed with us

7 Years
The majority of our teaching faculty has been with Philip's Academy for at least 7 years

10.4 Years
On average, our teaching faculty have 10.4 years of total teaching experience

21 Students
We have no more than 21 students per classroom

95% Student Retention
In the past year, 95% of our students have stayed at Philip's Academy

$0 for Tuition
Philip's Academy costs $0 to Attend


100% High School Graduates
100% of our alumni have graduated from high school

95% College Acceptance
95% of our alumni have been accepted into 4-year colleges

$600,000 of Aid Awarded
This year, our students were awarded over $600,000 in independent school scholarships and financial aid

Student Body
373 Students in grades K-8
75% Students From Newark, Irvington, & East Orange

453 Proud Alumni